Welcome to the French Bulldog Club of Central Canada

Please be patient as we populate our website, if you have any questions, contact: secretary@frenchbulldogclubofcentralcanada.com

Have you fallen in love with the French Bulldog? Did you see a flat faced little dog with bat ears on a walk the other day and wanted to find out more about it? Always wanted to know more about these small but stocky dogs full of character and personality? Interested in adding a French Bulldog to your family?
We are a group of like-minded people, educating the public and representing our breed in our community. Founded in 2014, Canadian Kennel Club accredited, The French Bulldog Club of Central Canada was created to promote our much-loved breed and to provide information about the French Bulldog, its traits and health, its history, and Breed Standard. We feel that education about our breed is key, and we want to provide French Bulldog owners and fans in central and eastern Canada with a one-stop source for French Bulldog information.

Please browse and enjoy our website and read more about the ‘Clown of the Dog World’, the French Bulldog!